Questions That You Need to Ask Before Renting Condos in Vaughan

If you have decided to take a condo in Vaughan on rent, then you will have to sign a lease deal.

There will be plenty of terms and conditions written that you will have to abide by. Besides that, there can be plenty of unwritten things for which there may be plenty of questions in your mind.

So, before you forget anything, we have provided here few questions that you must certainly ask before renting a condo to avoid any unpleasant situation.


  1. What’s the situation about parking?
  2. What about laundry?
  3. Is heating/electric/water service already covered within the condos in Vaughan for rent?
  4. Is there any internet service available in the building?
  5. Have there ever been any kind of break-ins?
  6. How much money should I pay up-front before signing the lease document?
  7. Will you be responsible for paying maintenance bills?
  8. Can I decorate the apartment as per my own choice?
  9. Am I allowed to have pets?
  10. Is there any possibility that someone can enter into my apartment without taking my approval?
  11. How many key sets are available for my condo?
  12. Will You Be ready to renew my lease in future?
  13. Am I allowed to sublet the apartment that I am renting?
  14. What mode of payment will you prefer while paying the rent?
  15. When will you prefer to let me know about my move-out date?